Thursday, January 31, 2013

Forget Calling, Maybe.

Maybe it's a more common problem among people than I think. Or maybe I'm just one sad weirdo girl out of a thousand. But I am TERRIBLE at talking on the phone.

Seriously bad. Spare yourself the agony. Text me or send me a letter instead. That I can do.

What made me think of this was reading Cosmo's (guilty pleasure, I know, I know...) article on Carly Rae-Jepsen, otherwise know as the singer of the 
instant tweenager classic- "Call Me Maybe". 

According to the article, Justin Beiber discovered the song when he was doing dishes with his grandma in Canada and listening to the radio. 

Okey doke, then, while that story is pretty crazy, the outcome is pretty obvious. Anyone who hasn't heard the pop-hit is... probably Amish.
In other news, I bleach tie-dyed this men's shirt and was pretty pleased with the outcome. 

How to do this: Take a long-sleeved shirt, cut the sleeves off, then twist the shirt starting from the bottom. As you twist it, roll the shirt into a ball (the end result should look somewhat like a cotton snail) . Then, secure the 'snail' with hair ties/rubber bands/whatever is at your disposal and dip it in bleach. Do not dip it for more than five minutes, or the bleach will start to degrade the fabric. Then, once optimal lightening is achieved, dip the shirt into white vinegar. This stinks to high heaven, but stops the bleach from eating away the shirt. Next, wash the shirt (by itself, unless you want to bleach tie-dye all of your clothes) in cold water. Dry, and voila! Punk-Rocker wardrobe piece complete!

And in even other news, I did a cover of Ceelo Green's 'Forget You'. (Clean version, no worries!) I did it with my Iphone. And after twenty-nine takes, I gave up and settled on this one. And wouldn't you know it, it's not perfect. C'est la vie.

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go put this on Canadian radio and hope that the Beibs is helping his g-ma do dishes again.




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