Saturday, February 2, 2013

Flowers in February

The sunshine has made a glorious reappearance during the last few days. And it's got me dreaming of flowers.

My favorite day of the year is the day the crocuses reappear. That's when you know the cold is nearly over.

Speaking of flowers, I am reminded of another one of my absolute favorite shows: Pushing Daisies. 

This adorable, quirky, and sadly short-lived comedy drama stars Lee Pace as Ned, a pie-maker who can bring the dead to live with the touch of a finger, but with consequences. Love, comedy, and a little bit of Kristin Chenoweth makes for a delightful diversion during the days when the cold makes for an indoor TV-athon. 

Also in the realm of daisies, is my favorite perfume in the entire... well, universe at the moment. Daisy by Marc Jacobs. 

Even though sickly models hugging giant bottles of perfume is not a great selling point with me, the smell of Daisy is undeniably lovely. The price, however, is a bit ugly. At about 80 bucks a bottle, thank goodness for free samples in magazines.

Ah, the life of a broke twenty-year old. It makes for some great ingenuity.

I struck out to the great outdoors in search of sunshine this afternoon. I was fairly successful, despite the lingering snow.

I never promised you a rose garden, but I'll do my best to look like one.

Have a glorious Saturday!



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