Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Caffeinated, Falling, and Wearing Fire Engine Red

Dudes and Dudettes,

I am buzzin'. I have ingested enough caffeine to make my every action feel as though it is being done at the speed of light and accomplish every task with the same amount of energy that could power a small village for two months.

Fingers crossed that my heart doesn't stop along with the crash from this.

Got a suggestion for all you Lords and Ladies of the I-Don't-Know-What-To-Do-So-I-Guess-I'll-Just-Stream-The-Office-On-Netflix-Again Realm: don't do it. Not tonight. Watch this instead (Best part-it's an Instant on Netflix!!):

The Fall

This movie blew me away. Named as Number 6 in the critic's Top Ten Movies of 2008; it is visually stunning. The acting is incredible. The plot is so riveting you will not have time for that "oh it seems to be slow enough for a bathroom break' moment. 

So go beforehand. 

The film took four years to film on-location in twenty different countries, just to ensure that not one set would be used. All of the scenes are shot in real places. No Hollywood cut-outs, no 'movie magic'. Just real, breathtakingly beautiful on-site locations. 
For Example:

 The Fall
Seriously, 100% real. No miniatures, no fake sets used.
I promise it is not a 'two hours of my life that I'll never get back' movie. In fact, you'll probably watch it again. And again. I did!
Here's the link for the trailer to get you intrigued:

On another note, has anyone ever asked you what your favorite color is? I just can't do it. I can't tell all those other beautiful colors that, sorry-you aren't quite good enough so I made your second cousin my favorite. Who does that? That, folks, is discrimination. And favoritism. 
Nah, but really, I don't have one. Some days it's orange, yesterday it was blue, today it's red. Maybe I just don't like to be tied down by decisions. 
But mostly, I think I probably have spectrum ADD.

 Cheers to my beautiful roomie, Michelle, who gave me these wonderful genuine leather boots!

She's a keeper! 

Hope your Wednesday is treatin' y'all well!

Top: JC Penny's, Leggings: Target, Earrings: Thrifted, Boots: Gifted

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