Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bugs 'n Dirt

When I was eight, I ate some bugs. 

And unfortunately, I don't mean fried exotically or dipped in chocolate. I mean straight off the tree from the field down the street.

Partially because it was a dare, and partially because I believe eating bugs was a task on my bucket-list as a shorter, less informed person.

They aren't as great without the chocolate, ladies and gents. 

It's the little things, though. By little things, I don't exactly mean insects, but I mean going out of your comfort zone for small things. Or by noticing those small things.

Doesn't have to be bungee jumping, but it could be taking a different walk home. Making something else for lunch. Drinking your coffee by the window instead of in front of the television.

It might help to see the things one might usually miss, too. The little things. And appreciate them that much more.

I got to see the little things today. After much cajoling, my parents finally got me out of the house and down to the bike trail for a short walk. Or crutch, if you will. And folks, I feel like a sweater that used to smell like cats that got aired out.

Definitely not my best comparison, but I'm definitely wearing a sweater with a cat in my lap as I write this, so cut me a break. I'm working with the materials I've got.

Sadness can sneak up on you as easy and as silently as a shadow sometimes. I know all too well that sitting in place and worrying can lead to great cases of cabin-fever. So get out. Enjoy variety. 

I hear it's the spice of life.

But don't eat bugs off a tree. There are limits.



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