Saturday, April 13, 2013

Shake It Off

A whole month of neglect ladies and gents.

If this blog were a cat it would be dead.

Apologies for taking so long, but writer's block can come like a hard punch to the mouth. Especially when you have a month like I just did.

To recap:

Glee, Glee, Glee, Glee, Glee.

Self-pity, Self-pity, Self-pity, Self-pity.

And a dash of cabin fever.

And by dash I mean it's probably a good thing I put the blog away, because any post would have had the Department of Public Health and Human Services on me in seconds.

But we're back. I've got two shoes on and I'm ready to kick things again.

Like myself into gear.

Somewhere in between when Kurt and Blaine fall in love and when Quinn gets hit by a truck while texting (obviously, this has been my life folks) I realized that I wasn't ready to stop living.

Maybe it was the fact that I had been eating frozen fruit by the bagful or that my conversations with my parents and friends consisted of Glee quotes and rants about cast fungus... whatever the reason, I realized I wanted to keep moving.

And as of now, I'm headed back to the University of Idaho and the illustrious city of Moscow, ID in the Fall. With an entirely different game-plan.

I scrapped everything and starting from scratch: Clothing, Textiles, and Design with and emphasis in Fashion Merchandising. Because I've got this thing for clothes, you know. And a huge thing for sewing. I feel like it's time to major in something that I actually spend day to day life enjoying. 

It's easy enough to get bogged down by self-pity. It's heavy like seaweed and can make a person stay in their pajamas until three in the afternoon and give up makeup altogether.

But it's when you decide to shake it off that you realize the self-pity was keeping you from worlds full of things that are loud and beautiful and glorious. Like the people who love you and hold your hand, even when you are a bumbling, whining, crippled mess.

I feel a little dusty and a little shaky.
But I'm definitely not done.



PS: In honor of my decision to go to school for Clothing and Textile Design, I made the dress I wore in this post out of an extra-large men's polo. Le stitch!

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