Monday, March 11, 2013

Don't Panic.

There's always that one day after daylight saving's time that reminds me why that wicked, wicked ritual of losing an hour is so worth it.


The sun shines. I go outside. I realize the birds are back. Crocuses smile from the flower bed beside my house.

And I finally let go of my pent-up, sleep-deprived anger at Father Time.

Contrary to living in a place where winter is key for both economical reasons and local entertainment, I'm just not cut out for snow. So when that sun is back, I could practically do an Aztec-esque worship dance.

Minus the human sacrifices. And the dancing. Because my ankle is still incapacitated. 

But regardless. I've been waiting for today for a few months now, and I took full advantage.

By which I mean I read a book. Because running through fields of clover on crutches is about as dangerous as it sounds.

But reading is an excellent way to spend time. And thus, I name my next sanity-saver:


And what better day to celebrate the joys of reading than on the 61st birthday of a genius by the name of Douglas Adams. Otherwise known as the author of the incredible series: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

I will admit. I watched the (very well made and impressively accurate) movie remake of this book before I bought the entire series for a dollar by an incredible stroke of luck at a high school fundraiser. But I loved it nonetheless.

The story tells of Arthur Dent, a rather homely man who, by amazing fortune and his unwitting friendship with an intergalactic hitchhiker, manages to escape the destruction of the Earth and set out on a splendid set of adventures riddled with beings beyond his wildest imagination and a strong sense of British satire. This read, ladies and gents, is definitely worth your time.

But prepare yourselves and remember your towel, because this series is a total trip.

So, there's my second time-waster for you folks. And once you've finished reading the series, I deeply suggest watching the movie, which stars Martin Freeman (Hobbit, anyone?) as Arthur Dent and Zooey Deschanel as the beautiful Trillian. 

But before you do any of that, I advise going out and enjoying your weather, if it's nice. Because days like this are few and far between right now.

But don't panic, because Summer is surely on its way.



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