Monday, April 9, 2012


Brighter than the...sun (failed comparison), the sunlight woke me up this morning.

I wished I could hug it.

Like most people, perhaps, I feel as though this day has been taking it's sweet time to show up. And I'm grateful that it did. Vitamin D levels were dangerously low.

Yesterday was Easter. Best day of the year. What better to celebrate than the death of sin and the resurrection of the only Son of God? I'm having trouble thinking of anything better.

Except maybe the invention of cheesecake.

I jest.

But truly, it was a wonderful day. I was blessed enough to go home and celebrate with my eccentric and beautiful family. I am convinced that I will never laugh as hard anywhere else than I do with my family. Getting to watch my brother own at running in his meet on Saturday was the bow on top.

Then, on Easter Sunday, I had the opportunity to take Kim, a man from Burma (Myanmar) whom I teach English to on Tuesdays, to church. Although he might not have understood every word, he knew two of the songs from when he went to church in Myanmar and enjoyed the delightful sermon that our pastor Keith gave. He'll be coming back again next week, which makes my heart sing!

I am thankful for this last three days, more than I can say. It's good to get outside of myself and experience what life is like outside of this dense university town.

And the sunlight makes it all the more worthwhile.



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